6 Most Famous Beauty Parlours You Should Visit in Toronto

We have gathered in this post the best Parlours in Toronto that offers to make your hair a piece of art. You will briefly discover each one of these salons, where they are located, what style they have, and their prices, to ensure you have a unique experience. Here we introduce you to Toronto’s most famous beauty salons.

Grateful Head

Looking for a makeover? Choose Grateful Head. From Dundas West, this team is on top of the regular parlours and is ready to renovate your style, making you feel like you are performing on a TV show.

Hair by David

Hair by David promises to get your hair snipped and blown by David himself or one of his stylists. They’re located in the 477 Richmond street building on the 5th floor. Prices are nothing but convenient, get a haircut for men for $50, and women only $65.


Parlour is opening itself space in Ossington with its Contempo-chic space style, as they call it. Their stylists Tyler Moore and Franz David got the perfect prices for you starting from $47.62 for students and $30.48 for kids. Choose which look you want from short hair to balayage and they will achieve it beautifully.

Salon Soap

If you’re planning to visit this salon, you will relax like never before, as it has a super adorable patio where you can wait to be attended. Prices are not the most accessible, but everything will depend on the cut you want to get. Cuts may vary from $60 to $75. Best of all, it’s dog friendly!

Bob + Paige

Bob + Paige brings a modern feeling with rustic vintage touches from the moment you enter. Straight from Danforth, this salon got its name for haircuts names and has a particularly unique elegance with tons of haircut styles for you to choose. Prices are affordable and offer trendy treatments, too.

LOLA Salon

Another Ossington favourite, LOLA Salon specializes in colours and haircuts. Prices are also affordable, cuts from $53, and colours/retouch from $55 to $225. Come to experience its excellent vintage style of this venue with a whole different concept.

Everyone has had a bad haircut at some point in the past and that’s why we know that finding a beauty salon that meets your requirements is not an easy task. Accept the challenge and take a look at one of these salons, perhaps you may be surprised at the variety of styles and prices you can get. Trust us. It will be worth it!