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I always thought that I was going to dedicate my life to developing my studies. However, life surprised me with pivotal moments that just couldn’t be ignored. My name is Lewis O. Knight, and this is how this project came to life, allowing me to make my lifelong dream come true.

I come from a conservative family. I had to focus my studies on more than just playing with dolls while hiding under my bed. After graduating from high school, I moved to the big city and decided to apply for application engineering, obtaining the approval of my parents.

It was easy to find a job, as I was good at it. But after a while, I couldn’t deny my real preferences anymore. I asked my parents to respect my decision. I no longer played make-up on dolls, now I designed apps for beauty fans.

Dramatically I was getting myself into research about beauty recipes and fashion trends. One day my co-workers encouraged me to develop what I liked, which is to be related to the beauty world, be at the forefront of it, and share that information with others.

A new world was rising in front of my eyes, as my friends helped me to launch this site, making it all a reality. For the first time, I was doing what I love with no remorse. We started to work hard in getting information, uploading it, making contact with the sources, etc.

That was 4 years ago, but today we are one of the most popular beauty sites in Vancouver. Beach Beauty is a love story for you and me. Experience the beauty world and love yourself before any other thing.