Beauty Trends – The Thai Slap Face Treatment

In our society, the ageing process may be considered stressful, especially when it comes to doing something about it. Many people try the weirdest treatments, in this case, the slap massage.

We tend to associate slapping with a bad thing such as humiliation or insult, but some therapists think it will increase circulation among other advantages.

How Does It Work?

Although it lacks any empirical research, there are many opinions about it. Therapist Gam Pukkalanun says that she uses a chopping motion by the nerves of the face lines that help the muscles relax and open the gates for more energy to flow.

In Thai medicine, these energy lines are called “sen” and the face is full of them. This technique is used with moderation and is not part of a traditional Thai massage.

Is it Helping or is it Just another Trending Fad?

Dermatologist Shirley Chi considers this is not a proper treatment, as it is not being effective against sensitive skin problems like rosacea. The best anti-ageing treatment, according to Shirley Chi, is to sleep well (at least 8 hours) and use sunscreen every day.

A good washing and moisturizing routine combined with a gentle upward motion massage are also advised. Massages are relaxing and slapping is jarring.

While it’s true that some beauty treatments leave your muscles hurting a little the next day, It shouldn’t feel that way in the face. Most probably, this slapping treatment would vanish in time since the lack of studies to prove their reliability, the same as the blood facial and bird poop facials.